Coming soon. . .

The Bucket List Adventure clubs listed below will operate on a membership basis and meet weekly or monthly, to fuel your passion for the respective activities.

We are busy with final arrangements, however if you are interested in becoming a member of any of the following Bucket List Adventure Clubs, please contact us and we will provide you with more information and put your name on the waiting list:

  • 4x4 Club (012 4x4)
  • Mountain Biking Club (BLAM - Bucket List Adventure Mountain-Bikers or pedal monkey garage)
  • Trail Running Club (Bucket List Adventure Trails)
  • Shooting Club (BLAST - Bucket List Adventure Shooting & Tactical)


Join the Bucket List Adventurers Club

This club is for all you adventure junkies out there, who have to do something adventurous regularly, and rightfully so, good on you chap!

This club will work on a membership basis with various monthly debit order options to fund your addiction!

For example, if you opt for the R500 monthly debit order option, you could partake in any adventure on a monthly basis, to the value of R500. What happens if you skip a month or a few? No worries, it simply rolls over and your account balance increases. What a perfect way to save towards those more expensive bucket list dreams?! After all, we are here to help you make those dreams a reality!