Rally Racing


We offer the following options in Bapsfontein, Gauteng: 

  • Hotseat Experience 
  • Rally Self Drive Experience

Hotseat Experience

The Hotseat Experience straps you into one of our powerful rally cars and one of our professional rally drivers will take you around part of the specialist rally stage at a medium pace to familiarise you with the rally car and get the adrenaline pumping. Then when you start to believe that it can’t be all that bad, all hell breaks loose when our professional rally driver opens up the powerful rally car and takes you for the ride of your life! 

Summary of Package:

  • 1 x medium paced warm up lap
  • 2 x fast laps
  • A Hotseat Certificate of Participation
  • Cost: R800 per person

The Rally Hotseat spin usually lasts 10 minutes from being strapped in, up to finishing your ride. Waiting time depends on the number of participants present. You usually won’t wait for longer than 30 minutes. This however is only a guideline as various conditions such as weather, repairs on cars etc. can cause delays.

Rally Self Drive Experience

Get behind the steering wheel of a rally car, open up the power under the bonnet and experience a thrilling adrenaline rush! Contact us today to book your Rally Self Drive Experience where you get the chance to drive through a proper Rally Special Stage partially used during a national championship rally over roads you are not familiar with! Do you think you have what it takes to drive a rally car while listening to the navigator's instructions? Your professional navigator will call the instructions at machine gun tempo and you will have to interpret them as you drive through a special stage!

The adrenaline filled day, starts off with an interesting introduction session, during which we discuss rallying as a sport and the incredible experience of participating.

We also tell you about the rules for the day, the art of driving (a passion with us) and chat in general about drive-lines, rally car behaviour, what to do and what not to do. This session on its own is worth the time and money spent.

We will also explain the use of Pace Notes and by the time you get to do your first special stage you will tackle it like a rally driver!

After the theory we move to the track for the real McCoy! We will then do a recce run showing the drivers the track and talking them through the difficult parts. Then it will be time to move in behind the steering wheel of one of our powerful rally cars, get a proper feel of the car's characteristics during the initial laps and then go on a specially designed Special Stage testing your multi-tasking skills while a navigator calls the pace notes at machine gun tempo.

Then to cool you off or heat you up, you will also be taken around the high speed test track for a typical Hotseat lap!

Included in experience:

  • Softdrinks and Water consumed during session
  • Light lunch - Hamburger OR Boerewors roll with Salad
  • A Self Drive Certificate of Participation

Summary of Experience:

  • 30 min Briefing Session at Clubhouse
  • Recce Run: Instructor shows route (Passenger)
  • 1st Run: Initial Laps (Participant Drives)
  • 2nd Run: Navigation Stage (Participant Drives)
  • 3rd Run: Hotseat with Pro (Passenger)
  • Lunch at Clubhouse
  • Cost: R2 950 per person

Self-drive sessions last about 1 to 3 hours depending on size of the group.

For additional options, please kindly contact us. 


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