We offer the following options in Parys & Cape Town:

  • Tandem Skydives
  • Static Line
  • AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Course

Tandem Skydiving

Ever felt the urge to jump out of a perfectly flying airplane?

Well now’s your chance and you are officially regarded as a “Bucket List Adventurer!” 

Our team of highly professional and qualified Tandem Master’s will take you from 0-200km/h, for an unforgettable free-fall experience and at a safe altitude, the Tandem Master will deploy the parachute for a 5 - 7 minute canopy flight, to the Drop Zone.

No previous experience in Skydiving needed. Tandem Skydiving is undoubtedly the safest way to experience Skydiving for the first time.

  • The Tandem Skydive experience begins with a 15 minute detailed briefing. This covers all aspects of the Skydive and the parachute system, the aircraft exit, the free-fall body position, the parachute flight, and the parachute landing.
  • Each person is fitted with a specifically designed tandem harness, jump suit and goggles and is assigned to a Tandem Master.
  • The climb to altitude takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • Attached to a highly experienced Tandem Master, you will exit the aircraft and enter the world of free-fall.
  • At the safe and predetermined altitude the Tandem Master will deploy the Main Parachute.
  • You will now, under the guidance of the Tandem Master, be offered a chance to fly the parachute. The tandem master will perform the parachute landing.

Cost of a Tandem skydive is R2 000 and it includes: 

  • Services of a highly experienced Tandem Master.
  • Use of a Tandem Harness, jump suit and goggles.
  • Scenic Aircraft flight to altitude.
  • The jump

For an additional amount of R400, your skydive experience can be captured and provided on DVD. This is a must have, especially for your first jump!

Skydive Parys

Parys is a scenic and historic location to experience the spectacular, exhilarating and thrilling Tandem Skydive which boasts spectacular 360º views of the famous Vredefort Dome, a World heritage site.

Skydive Cape Town

Cape Town is a beautiful location to experience the spectacular, exhilarating and thrilling Tandem Skydive which boasts spectacular 360º views of the Mother City to the south which lies sandwiched between towering Table Mountain and bustling Table Bay Harbour. Further to the south, and to the far side of the mountain, lies False Bay, Hout Bay and the splendour of the South Peninsula as far as Cape Point. To the West, you will spot Robben Island - Cape Town's own Alcatraz - and the Atlantic breaking on the beautiful Cape West Coast.


AFF (Accelerated Free-Fall) Course

Coming soon. . .

We are busy with final arrangements, however if you are interested in this experience, please contact us with a preferred date and number of people and we will provide you with more information and put you first on the waiting list.


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