We offer the following wine related options in Pretoria & the Western Cape:

  • Wine Tastings
  • Wine Making Kits
  • Wine Making at a Wine Farm  

Wine Tastings

Wine Tasting Options:

  • Informal Tastings
  • Bachelorette/ Kitchen Teas
  • Corporate Functions
  • Game Drive & Wine Tasting

So you're intimidated by wine? Do you appear to be dazed and confused whilst staring at all those wine labels in the wine aisle at the local store, not knowing your ass from your elbow between a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Sauvignon Blanc?

Allow us to ease you into the wonderful world of wine with an informal wine tasting and a relaxed cape Winelands vibe. Join us at one of our exciting wine tastings or we can arrange to present a tasting at one of your corporate functions.

You've been given the honour of being maid of honour at your friend's wedding? Congratulations! Spoil her and the rest of the bachelorette crew to an awesome Bachelorette party, by partaking in a wine tasting at your venue.

Whatever the occasion may be, we also offer game drives at Farm Inn in Pretoria, followed by a wine tasting as the sun sets...  

Have an interesting evening and learn a little, laugh a little, enjoy a lot and try out some different and delicious wine. So, you don't have to look like a tonsil next time, you go to a wine event...


Wine Making Kits

The kits consist of everything you need to make your own wine the traditional way, naturally. No additional consumables or equipment is necessary.

No previous winemaking experience is required as a self-explanatory booklet provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the kit. The booklet even indicates on how to produce a coffee-style Pinotage, if desired.

Only the best quality grapes from well-known producers are sourced for the kits.

The kits exist of two parts. Once you have the equipment, you need to buy only the consumables for winemaking in the future.

In order to preserve grape flavours to the maximum and prevent unwanted early fermentation, the must is blast-frozen. This does not affect the taste at all! The must is couriered in a frozen state. Once you receive it, it can be kept frozen until a convenient time to start the process.

All the plastic containers are food-grade.

Different yeast strains are used for different cultivars. With our kits you can be assured to get the right strain for the cultivar you choose. Malolactic fermentation is completed first for red wine. After about 20 to 30 days (depending on climate and whether it's white or red wine) it will be ready for drinking. However, we recommend that the wine matures longer in the oak barrel, according to your preference.

A small space (approximately 1m x 1m), preferably in a cool spot, is required.

A booklet will give you step-by-step instructions. In a nutshell:

60-bottle red wine kit

The must (juice) will be delivered in a frozen state in 25 litre buckets or 70 litre drums. After defrosting, you decant the must into the fermentation tank.

Alcoholic fermentation

This happens in the fermentation tank. Yeast, bacteria and bacteria food is added. The sugar concentration gets measured on a daily basis with the provided baling meter. The juice and skins should be mixed on a regular basis. Depending on the ambient temperature, fermentation can take between 5 to 12 days.

Malolactic fermentation

This happens in the 50 litre oak barrel and takes up to 30 days or longer. The barrel gets filled with the juice, separated from the skins. The wine gets its first racking once the airlock stops making bubbles. Yeast sediment collects at the bottom of the barrel from which the clean wine should be racked. After racking the barrel gets cleaned and the wine poured back. Now the wine is ready for aging. During the aging process, sulphites can be added to protect the wine from spoiling. The wine can be bottled once you are satisfied with your aging process.

60-bottle white wine kit

The juice, without the skins, will be delivered in a frozen state in 25 litre buckets or 70 litre drums. The process is the same as with red wine except that the skins are not present, so mixing isn't necessary. White wine does not undergo malolactic fermentation, thus it is ready for drinking at an earlier stage. Bentonite is added to give the wine a pure, clear appearance. Aging happens in the provided 50 litre oak barrel.


Wine Making at a Wine Farm

Have you always wanted to experience making wine at a farm?

Contact us and we will arrange this at a wine farm in the Cape! From cutting bunches off the vines, to destemming and crushing (perhaps even with your feet!) You will learn about the whole process of fermentation, ageing, blending and bottling too. Please note that this is a seasonal activity and is only available during the harvest period between the months of January to April (depending on the grape variety and the yearly climatic conditions).  


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